MIT TRIP: Trumbull High School, Denise Weed

Students from the Science Academy will visit the research labs of Dr. Robert Langer at MIT. Students attend presentations by research scientists working with Dr. Langer from backgrounds in Chemical Engineering, Biotechology, Biology, Chemistry, etc., and participate in a question and answer session after each presentation. A tour of Dr. Langer’s research laboratories follows.

MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN OUR COMMUNITY: Frenchtown Elementary School, Cheryl Wallace

The purpose of this project is to make students aware of various community based and worldwide volunteer organizations and charities. Many careers revolve around helping others and this project will show students how they can volunteer their time and energy to help build a better community. This project will allow students to volunteer, raise awareness, and show other students how they can make a difference in the world in which we live. Through pre-teaching and research, students will explore various job opportunities related to community service, as well as go on field trips to tour various facilities and interview volunteers in the community. Students will learn that even though they are young, they too can become volunteers in our community.

LUNAR ROCK SAMPLES: Jane Ryan Elementary, Jami Brown/Floria Mallozzi

The purpose of this project is to have NASA’s Lunar and Meteorite samples here in Trumbull for view by our students in as many grades as we can possibly fit in. The samples are national treasures that go on exhibit in schools where a trained teacher is willing to take on the responsibility and security of housing and exhibiting the sample disks. Space exploration encompasses an endless amount of career opportunities for students. Earth and Space Science is an integral part of the upper elementary and middle school science programs.


The JA Titan Business Program is purposely designed to emphasize the school-to-career idea and bring business career awareness and exploration to high school students. Through the use of the Titan computer-based business simulation program, students experience business careers through the nuances of managing a virtual company. They learn fundamental business concepts and critical decisions that have a direct impact on sales and profitability. Decision categories include: price, production, R&D, marketing, capital investments and charitable giving. In addition, students will master the important principles of financial literacy, entrepreneurial thinking and develop effective interpersonal communication and team-building skills along with problem-solving skills necessary for the 21st century workplace


On February 29, 2012, twenty two members of the THS Honours Marketing program made the trip to the Aqua Turf Club to compete with Connecticut’s best Marketing and DECA students. Over 800 student representatives from various high schools spent the day testing their aptitude with topics such as business operations, business management, entrepreneurship and business administration.

HILLGREST GREENHOUSE GROWERS: Hillcreast Middle School, Yazmin Carattini

HILLGREST GREENHOUSE GROWERS – This project promotes student career awareness which is explored through the planting, growing, nurturing and caring for seeds and propagated plants over the winter, with some springtime planting outside in the courtyard adjoining the greenhouse. The young gardeners will be educated in a variety of information concerning the growing world, including the care and maintenance of living plants, proper growing techniques including correct lighting, water and fertilizer requirements, beginning landscaping design for both soft and hardscapes, and architecture, and the correct maintenance and cleaning of tools and equipment.

FRIDAY STORE: Daniels Farm School, Beth McGrath, Lindsay Bachiechner, Diana Ward

This project will enhance student awareness of careers by teaching them real life skills. Each Friday students are told that they are going to work. They are chosen either as the consumer, cash register employee, cash register assistant, the greeter, or the helping hand in the store. Students get to experience many different jobs in a typical store. This will better prepare some of our students for the future employment opportunities.