Connecticut’s Advanced Manufacturing has a new Training Facility

In August the Housatonic Community College (HCC) opened doors to a new program to support Advanced Manufacturing in Fairfield and New Haven County. HCC addresses a growing problem in the state where high paying jobs (>70k) go unfilled because of lack of qualified workers. The positions to be filled do not require a 4-year degree but highly developed, hands-on engineering skills. HCC trains primarily high school graduates, displaced workers and veterans for these jobs.

On Tuesday Ms. Gliniecki, President of the Housatonic Community College presented the new program to an audience assembled by TrumbullBEI. Ms. Gliniecki demonstrated that Advanced Manufacturing has nothing to do with what many still believe: Dirt and grease. The opposite is true. Advanced Manufacturing is a process in which highly automated machines make parts in a clean room environment with unprecedented accuracy. Any dirt would hamper the manufacturing process which in turn would negatively impact the finished parts.

The pictures here show the new training environment at HCC. For more information contact the Admissions Office at 203-332-5100 or visit HCC’s website