Film Club Project 2013-2014

FilmClub-2014-pic-01Madison Middle School kicked off the school year with a new club giving students an opportunity to explore and experience several different careers involved in the film industry. Through this new Film Club, students were introduced to professional roles including set-design, prop-making, camera and lighting, wardrobe and make-up, special effects, directing and producing, and acting as seen through the making of the film “The Hobbit”.

FilmClub-2014-pic-02Students engaged in discussions and team building activities to gain a better understanding of the creative film making process and the importance of working as a team. It wasn’t until they embarked on their own filmmaking journey that students learned first hand the importance each professional plays in the success of the final film.

Students stretched their creative expression and stepped out of their comfort zones to experience a taste of the business of filmmaking. While each student was assigned a specific role during the filming of a narrative scene, everyone learned the true meaning of ‘quiet on the set’ and to work as a team.FilmClub-2014-pic-03

Project Management: Tracey Ormond, Donna Girot

This project was supported by TrumbullBEI.