About Us

The Town of Trumbull Business Education Initiative is a partnership of business, education, the community, and town government to provide students in grades K-12 with an awareness of careers and an understanding of the business environment.


The purpose of BEI is to establish a viable partnership with business, education, community and town government that will provide K-12 students with an awareness of careers and an understanding of the business environment as they transition from the school environment.

Initial attention will be given to:

  • Participant communication, regarding their role in the Initiative
  • Reviewing the career guidance process and the needs of the non-college bound student
  • Offering specific programs and workshops designed to need identified needs


The Vision for BEI is that business, through the partnership with education, community and town government fosters the means and medium to motivate and greatly enhance the understanding of career choice and the work environment demands for the K-12 student.


The mission of BEI is to utilize the partnership to develop an environment in which all the students will acquire an understanding of the needs and requirements of the work world while guiding the student to an appreciation of these demands as they continue the development of their career.

  • Improve the business community’s understanding of the educational community
  • Develop an improved understanding of the roles required of business and education to assure student career awareness and preparedness
  • Assure that business requirements of the work skills and work habits are found in the curriculum
  • Provide business and professional expertise to the educational community
  • Develop a medium for informing, guiding, and motivating students about the career and work process
  • Provide funding for such activities through the use of a tax-exempt foundation

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