Every year TrumbullBEI recognizes members of the community for outstanding contributions. TrumbullBEI has three awards:

  • Outstanding Business Person Award
  • Ray Avery Award
  • Make-a-Difference Award

Outstanding Business Person of the Year Award:
This award was established, upon their retirement, in honor of First Selectman, David Wilson and Edwin Merritt, Superintendent of Schools, Trumbull Public Schools, for their overall contributions (financial and personal) to the development of the Business Education Initiative.

Ray Avery Award:
The award is to remember the many generous contributions to Trumbull activities by Ray Avery. This award is given to a Trumbull resident or Trumbull business person that demonstrates the following:

  • Quiet, committed individual
  • Very sensitive to young people’s needs
  • Gave of their resources (human, material and money)

Making A Difference Awards:
Extra effort, unique and creative performance that goes beyond the respective job that is required.

Year Outstanding Business Person Ray Avery Make-a-Difference Reason
2000 Mary Birarelli Terri Gates
2001 Barry Diamond Peg Perillie Judy Zakim Guidance effort
2001 Kathryn Pitzschler Career guidance
2001 Lisa Ryan, Chris Gilbert Career guidance
2001 Martin Meyer Career guidance
2001 Trumbull Rotary Overall support to BEI
2002 Bruce Cook, Stop & Shop Anthony Minotti BEI support
2002 JoAnn O’Connell Career guidance
2002 Bill Kovachi Total support
2002 Wendy Corris Business support
2003 Frank Metrusky Dr. Jane Mack Gerry McCloghry Fed Challenge
2003 Deborah Boles Ralph Pascale Video support
2003 Len Germano Computer support
2004 Dan Long, Newtown Savings Bank Tryg Angel JoAnn O’Connell ACE Mentor Program
2004 Larry Stowe Minigrant support
2005 Mary Spiegel Richard Aiello Frank Cicero Agriscience
2005 Lucinda Ames St. Vincent’s support
2005 Andy Spalla Channel 17
2005 Janet Maurice & Patricia Zablocky BEI web design
2005 Trumbull Community TV committee Station performance
2006 Christine Kennedy, Unilever Joan Trefz James Morrison Library assistance
2006 Valerie Reyher, Kennedy Center Alice McCloghry Westfield Mall support
2006 Marilyn Greenberg Pumpkin Classic Race
2006 Rosemary Seaman & Valerie Foreshaw Middle School Career Program
2006 John Wrobel Student Office Services success
2007 Scott Vincini Mary Keane Harriet Rago Junior Achievement
2007 Damon Lewis Gear-up
2007 Tony Pijar BEI support
2007 Ben and Deb Carrera, EOS Printing service
2008 Mark Schroeder, AKZO Helen Gratrix Dr. Joseph Wolenski Biotech support
2008 Meg Carey Engineers in the Classroom
2008 Dorcas Blue UI support and effort
2009 Steve Wright Monica Welch Greg Annick and family Financial support to BEI
2009 Deborah Cox Business & Career Resource Center
2009 Susan Horton One Town One Book Program
2009 Phil Lane Fed Challenge support
2009 Leisa Taylor Innovative Channel 17 effort
2010 James Somers, Special Award Galaxy Diner Beardsley Zoo BEI support
2010 David France BEI Student representative
2010 Sharon Brennan Gearup speaker
2010 Virginia Imri & Marilyn Greenberg Pumpkin Classic Race
2010 Jackie Carlino, Kathleen Perry One Town One Book program
2010 Linda Panovich-Sachs, Donna Soucy
2010 Susan Horton
2011 Todd Gallo Michael Niedermeier 501C3 Foundation effort
2011 Lucinda Timpanelli THS Building support
2011 Jodie Orzechowski Redesign BEI website
2011 Shawn Tait Trumbull Community Channel effort
2011 David Guzas, Jose Cardoso, Joel Smith ACE Mentor Program mentors
2011 Chad McCullough, Joseph Amaturo
2012 Henning Seip, SkillPROOF Inc. George Kotsaftis. Gina Dupnik THS Student representative
2012 Old Town Restaurant Tony Hwang CT State Legislative support
2012 Alice McCloghry BEI Minigrant chairperson effort
2012 JoAnn Tyborowski BEI overall effort
2012 JoAnn O’Connell Retiring – Guidance effort
2013 Mario/Attilio Marini, Marisa’s Ristorante Frank Cicero, Tom Tesoro, Cathy Huffman Retiring Agriscience & Biotechnology Center Director
Business Leadership Support
Trumbull BoE TAG Team Leader
2014 Vincent Fini, Weinstein & Anastasio, P.C. Ali Skelton Enhancing the job shadow program