Career Guidance

The Connecticut State Dept. of Education has developed a guideline for School-to-Career education that correlate to the perceived need and availability of careers within the work force economy in the state.

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Career Clusters
Arts & Media includes jobs performing in theater, dance and music, and behind-the-scenes jobs such as set design, set lighting and camera work. It also includes the visual arts, such as painting and sculpture, and the management of theaters, museums, art galleries and concert spaces. Possible job titles: musician, actor, camera operator, writer, graphic design, multimedia developer, producer, director, reporter, teacher, announcer, news paper editor.

Business & Finance includes jobs in ‘offices‘ found in a variety of settings. There are jobs for graduates with accounting backgrounds, for employees who can manage both people and money, and for others who can make business decisions on developing and selling products and services. All offices depend upon well- trained administrative support staff people, who need to know how to use computers, fax machines and other office equipment. Possible job titles: administrative assistant, tax technician, computer technician, systems analyst, executive, sales manager, financial manager, securities broker, underwriter, computer engineer, public accountant.

Construction: Technologies and Design. The design and construction of homes, buildings, bridges and roads is a major cluster of jobs in the Connecticut economy. Some knowledge of the whole industry is a cornerstone for people who are interested in a range of different jobs-buying and developing land, designing or building projects. Possible job titles: diesel mechanic, industrial designer, risk and hazard evaluator, industrial engineer, development.

Environmental, Natural Resources and Agriculture. These professionals improve the indoor and outdoor environment, reduce waste and byproducts, manage forests and land, produce food from the land and sea, and nurture animals. Possible job titles: hazmat cleanup and response technician, instrumental optical lab analyst, food scientist and n1ltritionist, pol11ltion control engineer, recycling and recovery specialist, environmental analyst, marine biologist, animal scientist.

Government, Education and Human Services is dedicated to providing public services in order to better people’s lives. It includes teachers, educational administrators, political officeholders, government service workers, social workers, psychologists, librarians, public safety workers (police/fire) and legal professionals. Possible job titles: child services worker, parent educator, disability specialist, employment and training counselor, urban/regional planner, parole and probation officer; public administrator.

Health and Biosciences embrace careers in a wide range of healthcare settings, such as hospitals, medical laboratories, and medical and dental practices. It also includes industries in researching and manufacturing drugs and other medical products. Possible job titles: physical therapy assistant, biomedical equipment technician, home healthcare worker, laboratory technician, pharmacist, speech pathologist, healthcare executive, family practitioner, internist, registered nurse, medical technologist.

Retail, Tourism, Recreation and Entrepreneurship. The Connecticut economy offers many jobs in retail stores, restaurants, hotels and motels, tourist attractions and recreational facilities. These businesses are where many young people get their first jobs -often earning the minimum wage. The opportunity to earn better salaries with benefits, and to build a career, usually requires getting into management and operations positions. Possible job titles: customer service representative, travel agent, chef, small business owner, restaurant and food service manager, casino manager, cyberspace specialist, independent consultant, store planner, hotel manager, buyer.

Technologies: Manufacturing, Communications and Repair includes technical jobs in manufacturing, electric utilities, and the telephone and cable companies. This cluster also includes jobs in companies that repair automobiles, airplanes, computers and other technical products, as well as companies that develop computer software. Possible job titles: machinist, tool and die maker, CAD technician, research and Design Engineer, chemist, electrical engineer.

Information Technology (IT) involves all aspects of managing and processing information electronically. Computer software, hardware, the Internet and networks are the key components of the systems that IT professionals design, develop, support or manage. Virtually every business in Connecticut needs people with IT skills. Offices depend upon well-trained administrative support personnel who know how to use computers, use a variety of computer applications and navigate the Internet. Businesses also employ IT professionals who maintain and manage company data.

Information technology (IT) careers involve the design, development, support and management of hardware – computers and computer-network structures – and of software, multimedia resources, and systems-integration services. In addition to career opportunities in the IT industry itself, IT professionals are needed in every sector of the economy, from financial services to manufacturing and from transportation to education.