Awards for THS Model Congress Team

Ms. Katie Boland (Social Studies Department, Trumbull High School) reports a new success of the THS Model Congress Team:

Thank you so much for our recent donation for our THS Model Congress trip to Washington DC this past weekend to compete at the Princeton Model Congress competition.  Nineteen Trumbull High students were able to explore the sights of our nation’s capital, speak with Senator Christopher Murphy on the Hill, and debate legislation with a thousand students from all over the country.
Ethan Bachand ’18 (co-President of THS Model Congress) spoke about his experience meeting Senator Christopher Murphy in his office, “When I was waiting in the meeting room for the senator, I thought we would get to see him for maybe 5 minutes if we were lucky seeing how busy a senator would usually be. But in reality we got a chance to talk to Senator Murphy for a good half hour or so about his job while getting to know him better. It was an awesome experience to meet someone who represents our whole state and get to know him for more than just a face on a campaign billboard. We got the chance to hear about his background in politics and how he reached the point he is at today. He talked about some of the major acts he has accomplished while working on the hill, and Senator Murphy even gave us his stance on congressional terms, which was an awesome thing for us to hear about coming from an actual senator. It was the perfect way to cap off a great day at the capitol building, and truly an experience I will never forget.”
We also came away with a few awards throughout the weekend.  Each committee of 15-20 students had a top performer known as the “Best Delegate” and two other students recognized as “Honorable Mentions.” They also had the same awards for the Full House and the Full Senate sessions (over 150 students each).
I’m proud to announce our five awards:
  • Best Delegate –  Nicholas Marchenko – House Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee
  • Honorable Mention – Derek Marble – Senate Judiciary Committee
  • Honorable Mention – Cristina Catana – House Armed Services
  • Honorable Mention – Ethan Bachand – House Energy & Commerce

And special congrats to Cristina who was also an Honorable Mention in the full House session, a first for Trumbull High!

Thank you again for always supporting our team… we truly do appreciate it!


THS Model Congress Team very successful at the University of Pennsylvania


Penn Model Congress is a four-day simulation of legislative process that includes 730 students from 38 schools across the country. I’m excited to announce that my ten-person team passed 8 out of their 9 bills through committee sessions and Bridget Weston, our senior leader, was selected as the Secretary of Defense in the President’s cabinet. We came home with 5 Honorable Mention awards (2nd best in committee session).

Here are our five award winners:

* Ethan Bachand ’18 – Senate – Commerce Science & Transportation
* Aravind Sureshbabu ’16 – Senate – Finance
* Cristina Catana ’17 – House – Narcotics & Drug Trafficking
* Stefano Mancini ’18 – House – Narcotics & Drug Trafficking
* Nicholas Marchenko ’17 – Senate – Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs

We would all like to thank BEI for your generous grant that made this trip possible. Please see the attached PDF file with pictures and quotes from our students.

Thank you from all of us at THS Model Congress,

Ms. Katie Boland

Trumbull High School Students compete against the World’s Best Marketing and DECA students

DECA01The week of April 23-28th the eight qualifying members of the THS Honors Marketing program made the trip to Anaheim, California to compete against the World’s Best Marketing and DECA students.  Over 16,000 student representatives from various high schools throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Germany, and Guam were tested on topics such as business operations, business management, finance, entrepreneurship, and business administration. The competition was extremely rigorous as they included both a written exam as well as a series of role play components.

The students worked extremely hard and behaved professionally at all times.  They are so grateful for this opportunity and the support from Trumbull’s Board of Education, High School Administration, PTSA, Business Education Initiative, ACE Foundation, and local community establishments Old Towne Restaurant, and Dunkin Donuts that made this memorable experience possible.

TrumbullBEI was able to support this project financially thanks to corporate donors who contribute to TrumbullBEI.

National ACE Design Competition: Greater Birdgeport/Shelton-Trumbull team makes 1st Runner Up!

The seventh annual CIRT—ACE National Design Competition attracted a record-setting 43 entries from 24 affiliates.   On April 30 at the National Building Museum in Washington, DC, the three finalists – ACE Northern Rhode Island, ACE Mentor Program of Central Iowa, and ACE of Frederick, Maryland – presented their projects to a jury of seven CEOs from major design and construction companies.

In the Modular Education Addition challenge, the Greater Birdgeport/Shelton-Trumbull team won the 1st Runner Up Award. Congratulations!!

About the ACE Mentor Program:

Founded in 1994, the ACE name stands for Architecture, Construction and Engineering. The ACE program stands for mentoring high school students and inspiring them to pursue careers in design and construction. It’s now the construction industry’s fastest-growing high school mentoring program, reaching over 8,000 students annually.

The ACE Mentor Program of America, Inc. not only engages sponsors and volunteer mentors to expose students to real-world opportunities, it financially supports each student’s continued success through scholarships and grants. Since 1994, ACE has awarded over $12 million in scholarships to promising participants.

Students and teachers of the Trumbull School System participating in the ACE competitions are supported by TrumbullBEI.