Student Operated Services – SOS
Staple? Collate? Label? Shred? Stuff Envelopes? Fold Letters? Who Has the Time? Call SOS! Trumbull High School students get the job done on time while gaining valuable employable skills. All services are free of charge. For more information, call John Robel, Transition Councelor at Trumbull High School (203) 452-4217.

Mentor Referral Program
Trumbull BEI has developed lasting collaborative relationships with a diverse population of mentors from Fairfield County companies and organizations. If you’re looking for a mentor in a particular industry, or want to learn more about potential careers in Fairfield County while gaining one-on-one mentor experience, contact John Annick by email or by calling (203) 377-5803.

Externships for educators offer a unique opportunity for the classroom teacher, career guidance counselor or educational administrator to spend time in a current work environment outside of their usual setting in a school, education office or agency. The education extern is matched with an industry professional who has demonstrated an advanced level of accomplishment in a related academic discipline, occupation or career cluster. The economy and world of work has and will continue to change in significant ways. How organizations operate, how the work is organized and what tools people use to do their work have all changed in the last decade. As we help out students to prepare for and make choices about their place in this new environment, we need to deepen our understanding of the components of those changes.

This externship provides an opportunity for the teacher to experience a high skill work setting in order to get ideas that can be brought back to the classroom in a variety of different ways. In previous programs, teachers have reported a variety of lessons from this experience. Some have revisited their classroom organization and expectations. Others have revised the content or made additions to their curriculum. Still others have found new resources to bring into the classroom to enhance the learning of the their students. Prior participants have uniformly reported that the experience provided meaningful and unanticipated insights.

Each externship is customized to the interests of the teacher:

  • Approximately two weeks of work on a project at a business or agency
  • A project for implementation at school, drawing on the work experience, e. g., an authentic project, a curriculum or instruction revision
  • A follow-up session where participants will present their projects and discuss the insights and changes they have made as a result of the experience

During the externship, the educators have an opportunity to experience for themselves a typical work environment, and to increase their awareness of current industry and occupational methods, technology and career options. Please contact John Annick at (203) 377-5803 for more information.